I did this 16-bit (ok it's not truly 16 bit, but it's in that style) design for my husband primarily, but it's too cute not to share! 

Because of the Orange Bird's tie-in to the citrus swirl ice-cream, I thought this would make a great shirt to sell as a fundraiser for Give Kids the World! If you're unfamiliar with GKTW, check our their website. My boss's family stayed there for his son's Make-A-Wish trip, and got to experience first-hand what an incredible place it is. I hope to one day be able to visit and volunteer, but for now I'm going to try to contribute in this way. 

The design is printed on a 65/35% polyester/cotton shirt that is ULTRA soft! The sizing is unisex, and the fit is loose. Please let me know if you'd like see the shirt on someone your size! I'd rather you be sure of the sizing than be disappointed. 

$10 from each shirt purchased will go to Give Kids the World. I'll make donations after each ten shirts sold, and I'll update my Instagram page with the progress, @waltkristiworld.